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Welcome to Timplados Badminton Club, where passion meets precision on the court. Join us for thrilling rallies, friendly competition, and a vibrant community bound by the love for the game. Let's smash, serve, and soar together!

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Join 50+ local business owners who have Benefited our Battle-Tested Tools and programs to scale their businesses by gaining ultimate control of marketing both local and international.

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Ai Cabahug -Aldrich Medical Clinic

TRUSTED BY 50+ Local BUSINESS OWNERS in iligan city


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Timplados BC Marketing have come together to disrupt the future of digital marketing, scaling brands with bold strategies that rise above the noise.

Brand Visibility

By partnering with us, sponsors gain exposure to a diverse audience of badminton enthusiasts, both locally and regionally. Whether it's through our social media channels, website, or event sponsorships, your brand will receive prominent visibility among our active and engaged community.

Targeted Marketing

Our club provides sponsors with the unique opportunity to target a specific demographic – badminton players and fans. This focused approach ensures that your marketing efforts resonate with individuals who are passionate about the sport and are more likely to engage with your brand.

Customized Sponsorship Packages

We understand that every sponsor has different goals and objectives. That's why we offer customizable sponsorship packages tailored to meet your specific needs like websites, marketing needs and we can even handle lead generation.

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WHO are timplados bc

Just a Club who wants to help you grow

Hi, We are Timplados BC!

A Badminton club of marketers and students dedicated to scaling businesses both locally and online, we bring over years of experience working with clients worldwide. Our expertise spans from building websites and funnels to automating processes with GHL, creating engaging graphics, managing social media, producing videos, and crafting effective marketing strategies utilizing both traditional and AI tools.

on March 2023, we've created a club, an opportunity we embraced wholeheartedly. However, as we became more involved, it became clear that some of our fellow members were facing challenges covering expenses related to team jerseys and participation fees for competitions.

Understanding the importance of inclusivity and support within our club community, we felt compelled to act. After thoughtful consideration, we decided to lead a marketing campaign aimed at easing the financial strain on our members. This campaign wasn't just about raising funds; it was also about elevating the visibility and reputation of our club, benefiting both our organization and our sponsors.

Through strategic marketing initiatives, we showcased the unity and camaraderie of our club while highlighting the generosity of our sponsors. Through collaboration and innovative marketing approaches, we garnered support from within and beyond our community, making a tangible difference in the lives of our members and reinforcing the bonds that unite us as a club.

This website belongs to Timplados Badminton Club. Timplados BC is an official member of IBT Badminton Sports Center.

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